Report of Information Violation Policy

I. Basis and Purpose

In accordance with the Cybersecurity Law of the People’s Republic of China, Tort Law of the People’s Republic of China, Administrative Measures for the Internet Information Services and other laws and regulations, the policies are formulated to regulate the handling of reporting and complaints regarding information violating laws and regulations from users of products and service platforms (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Platform”) operated by Global Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (“GTCOM”) so as to promote the overall appropriate, positive and orderly display of platform contents.

II. Scope of Application and Effectiveness

(I)       The Policies are applicable to all products and services operated by GTCOM.

(II)     Users who detect any illegal and adverse information on the Platform can report to GTCOM according to the Policies .

(III)   Users who detect any illegal and adverse information on the Platform can report to GTCOM according to the Policies .

III. Scope of Illegal and Adverse Information

(I)       Political reactionary, violent and terrorist information, including but not limited to those:

1.    Violating the basic principles established by the Constitution;

2.    Inciting separatism, harming the national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity;

3.    Inciting subversion of the State power and the socialist system;

4.    Divulging State secrets, endangering State security, or harming the honor and interests of the State;

5.    Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination or undermining ethnic unity, or damaging ethnic customs and habits;

6.    Propagating terrorism and extremism;

7.    Sabotaging the State’s religious policies and promoting cults and superstitions;

8.    Spreading rumors, disturbing social order and undermining social stability;

9.    Propagating gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crimes;

10. Inciting illegal assembly, association, procession, demonstration, or gathering people to disturb social order; and

11. Producing dangerous goods, involving terrorism or violence, endangering public security, etc.

(II)    Pornographic, vulgar and internet fraud information, including but not limited to:

1.         Pornographic information, pornographic promotion, vulgar kitsch, etc.;

2.         Gambling, illegal gaming, illegal private banks, money laundering, etc.;

3.         Information on the sale and purchase of drugs, guns or other illegal articles;

4.         Phishing, fraud information, pyramid selling information, etc.;

5.         Internet blackmail, paid post deletion, etc.; and

6.         Fabricating and spreading false information to disturb economic and social order.

(III)  Information violating public order, good customs and other regulations, and adverse information, including but not limited to:

1.         Information such as malicious speculation, rumor fabrication and spreading against public order and good customs;

2.         Junk information, insignificant marketing, harassment, etc.;

3.         Information that contain contents prohibited by laws and regulations; and

4.         Other information identified as violating the regulations by GTCOM in accordance with laws and regulations, platform agreement rules, etc.

IV. Reporting and Complaint Channels

1.       GTCOM will arrange a special person to be in charge for the handling of the reporting and complaints. You can report it by contacting the e-mail address [].

2.       GTCOM provides the entrance for reporting adverse information, accepts public reports, severely attacks internet illegal and adverse information, and actively protects the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of internet users, so as to ensure social harmony and peace, maintain public interests, and build a harmonious network environment.

V. Reporting Methods

(I)       Informers are encouraged to use their real name, workplace, address or provide other modes of communication, and provide relevant proof of evidence for verification.

(II)     GTCOM undertakes that your reporting and complaint will be anonymous and it will not disclose your personal information (except when it is necessary to disclose your personal information under special circumstances such as infringement upon rights and interests).

(III)   You need to ensure the authenticity of the contents and facts of your complaints, otherwise, you should bear the risk of infringement and violation of law for false reporting, and exempt GTCOM from such liability. If GTCOM suffers losses due to your false report, GTCOM reserves the right to recover damages from you.

(IV)  Reporting Template (for reference only)

1.         Title: Report and Complaint of Information Violating Regulations

2.         Contents:

1)        Description of information violating laws and regulations

2)        Relevant descriptions sufficient to accurately locate the reported information, such as the information link (or the screenshot of its details on the Platform)

3)        Reasons for reporting and complaints (relevant legal basis, infringement, etc.)

4)        Screenshot of facts that the information violates laws and regulations

5)        Other information to be added that you consider as necessary

6)        Valid contact information (in case GTCOM need to verify more necessary information with you and handle it according to laws and regulations with your help)

VI. Handling of Reporting

(I)       GTCOM screens and verifies the reported contents according to reporting information.

(II)     For the verified reporting information, GTCOM will take timely actions including deletion, disconnection of links, etc.

GTCOM shall have the right to revise and adjust the Policies according to the actual operation of the Platform and legal requirements, and will update on the Platform accordingly by then.


The Policy shall come into force on 18th Aug, 2020.